Something for myself

Softshell Riding Skirt

Finally it’s done – my softshell riding skirt. I was inspired for this by my riding raincoat and wanted a skirt that keeps me warm in winter or windy and rainy weather. No more frozen thighs 🙂 

I chose wind and waterproof nanotec softshell in my favorite color with a beautiful silver ribbon at the hem. The skirt is open in the front and closed with four snap fasteners (I hope this is the right word for it) so it opens in case of an accident. You can secure it around your legs so it doesn’t get blown open in the front by wind. The back falls nicely over the horse’s croup. Not only does it keep the horse warm – I also get some of the horse’s body heat to keep me warm. 

If you want one just order one from me 😉

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